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        Fujian Jiayi Plastics & Rubber Co.,LTD. was founded in the year of 2004. Our factory is located in Jinjiang City, Fujian, the largest plastic shoes’ production base in China. After 10 years’ hard work, now we become the most professional manufacturer of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) compounds in China.

        Since the foundation, we gradually establish strong relations with customers worldwide. Our company becomes the biggest supplier in China, especially for famous plastics shoes production bases like Guangdong Province, Fujian Province & Zhejiang Province. And we are also the largest exporter of EVA compound in China. Our products are now exporting to more than 50 countries spreading mainly on West Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Latina America, Middle East and East Europe. With the support of our customers worldwide, we manufactured and sold more than 30,000 tons EVA compounds during the year of 2018

        We believe that innovations make us sharp-edged. From the beginning of 2010, besides the traditional applications of our EVA compounds for slippers and sports shoes, we started to expand our compounds to other industries applications. These industries include leather shoes, toys, furniture, sports products, infant & baby products and other high-value-added products. With these advantages, we become the most competitive competitor in this industry.

       Today’s market, opportunities and challenges co-exist. Jiayi company insists on the principles of customer first, quality first. By providing our customers the best products, most professional technology service and extensive industry experience, we are ready to be your best EVA compounds supplier. We sincerely wish to be your best business partner in the near future.

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address:Qianshan Industrial Zone,Neikeng Town,Jinjiang City,Fujian Province,China(near Jinjiang Motor Station)

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address:Qianshan Industrial Zone,Neikeng Town,Jinjiang City,Fujian Province,China(near Jinjiang Motor Station)



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